What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘angel’? Halos and wings? Bright and heavenly? How about paper and butterflies? At United In Christ Lutheran Church there are currently two paper angels flying in the sanctuary. They have been a tradition at UIC for about 17 years, and they are put in place during the time between Advent and Lent.
It’s thanks to nine gracious ladies in the congregation who donated their time and effort into creating these beautiful masterpieces. Overall, it took about 36 working hours to complete this pair. In years past, there have been other sets of paper angels, but through wear and tear, new ones needed to be made. The designs are inspired by Alice Helen Maskek, who is a professional papercutter from California. One of the key qualities of the angels is the butterfly patterns in the robes, which are seen as a symbol of resurrection. There are no other churches in the area that have angels like this, which makes UIC proud of their impact. Members of the congregation adore their presence. “They provide us with remembrance of the special night of Christ’s birth” said one. Another remarked that “It makes me think of peace and joy.” A member of the church’s youth group said, when they think of the angels in the sanctuary, they think of “hope and comfort, knowing that you have someone watching over you.” I encourage all to come and take a look at our flying angels and feel the reassurance and peace that they truly provide.

Press Release, by Marianne Murray, youth member at UIC

Reformation Sunday, November 29, 2017

A BIG welcome to our new members! Welcome to UIC, we’re so glad you’re here!
Sunday, October 15 2017


On Friday, September 15, two kettles of our famous Ham and Bean Soup was made.  Then on Saturday, September 16, two more kettles were made at the Harvest Festival in Milton.



“Mount Luther is so very grateful for all the gifts that congregations donate to us each year.  These gifts come in many forms, and we would like to say thank you for your support by presenting your congregation with this certificate of appreciation.  We hope you will display it in your church and we ask that you continue to remember Camp Mount Luther in your prayers.”
Chad Hershberger
Executive Director of CML



We have a new email address!  Please update your contact information for the church.  Our new email address is office@unitedinchristlutheran.net


Thank you to Mike and Annette Baker, Michelle, Larissa and Dalton Shearer, Jodie, Emma and Amy Danowsky, Scott Danowsky and Marianne Murray, Kelsey Swanger and Syann Stewart, Ted and Shirley McPherrin, and John, Jen and Dylan Sheaffer for helping pickup food donations!!

Thank you to everyone that donated food for Souper Bowl Sunday!

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